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Our Projects

Ever wondered who is supported by IWAM? Do you want to see how IWAM funds are working? You may e-mail your questions to our Project Chairperson or fill in either Large Project Funding Application Form or Small Project Funding Application Form for our Projects Committee to review. 


You can also join in on one of the tours. Regular and follow-up visits are conducted to all organisations that IWAM has assisted to ensure that our donation is providing maximum benefit.

Or – even better you become an active member of the committee.

2019: In October IWAM was pleased to sign a 3 million MNT grant agreement with the Institute of Education and Training (IET) to help them fund a literacy camp this winter, our donation will make it possible to purchase books and allow the children, from the Ger District who attend, to be taken out of the city during the winter months to continue learning how to read. Dr Manaljav signed on behalf of IET.

2019: This project allowed the Bambar Kindergarten to re-open one of their two buildings after repairs to the roof and ceiling lining, and the installation of new double glazed windows and an internal door. Funding of 3 million MNT allowed the Kindergarten to purchase all the required materials and the community members and parents donated their time to complete the project.

2019: IWAM Sewing Club members donated quilts to new mothers at the Maternity Hospital. Members are able to make a difference in people's lives while having fun working together on their quilting skills. 

2019: Bambar Kindergarten - donation of clothing and books. IWAM members gave generous donations of clothing, bedding, books and treats for Children’s Day celebration at a kindergarten in the poorer area of the Ger District.

2019: Autism Mongolia received 2.8 million MNT to create a sensory room for their kindergarten and to purchase other specialist equipment for use with autistic children.

2018: Women’s Council of Ulaanbaatar were funded 2.3 million MNT to provide 15 families with seeds for planting vegetables. The families received training in gardening techniques. At the end of the growing season they were able to harvest their crops and provide themselves and their community with fresh produce.

2018: Bidnii Dem purchased a Mongolian version of software for visually impaired children for 3 million MNT.

2018: Gal Dul Setgel, Nalaikh used 2.5 million MNT to have their door repaired and to purchase a sewing machine. They also purchased carpets to improve the comfort of the building for the children.

2018: Christina Noble Children’s Foundation - 3 million MNT. Furniture for the new library was able to be purchased using funds from IWAM. The children are able to enjoy the full benefits of the library.

2018: Songino Independent Living Centre used 2.3 million MNT to purchase a laptop, printer, projector, screen and camera to assist with their activities.

2018: Faith Tree NGO in Erdenet were given 6 million MNT to purchase medical beds for children suffering from cerebral palsy.

2017: With the support of the English School of Mongolia IWAM was able to support the EELTEI ERTONS NGO - MNT 3.000.000 . The Association has become a key actor in the country for the promotion of inclusive approach for youngsters with disabilities.

2017: 5 new beds and mattresses were bought to support the shelter house of Streams in the Desert - MNT 2.250.000. 
2017: The Misheel Kids Foundation provides four local orphanage with urgent dental care to address extreme cases of oral health neglect. IWAM was happy to help children smile again with a donation of MNT 2.350.000 for necessary equipment.

2017: Fundraising through the IWAM Quiz Night and a generous donation of Sandvik Group Mongolia LLC made it possible to support  the “Association for Parents with Children with Disabilities” with MNT 1.126.000.

2016: In cooperation with Kempinski Hotel IWAM has organised a Christmas party for 50 underprivileged children. All children went home with a full stomach, lots of memories and a lovely teddy bear  (MNT 576.564).
2016: The ger kindergarten „Virtuous Babies“ received MNT 2.227.000 to purchase building materials toys and other equipment to install and furnish an additional room to be able the accommodate more children that would have to stay at home unsupervised otherwise.
2016: Enerliin Tuuchee NGO is a privately financed support center for children with different disabilities. The children get different kinds of supporting therapies. Teenagers are taught how to produce various products to enable them to make a living later. IWAM donated USD 1.100 to buy a computer and a camera that are needed to record the children's development.

2016: The children of " The Special Complex for the Training
Education of Children and Youth" have to share their rooms with up to 10 other children. To give these youngsters from troubled families the chance to relax or work with a specialist IWAM financed the installation of a recreation room. – MNT 2.724.900.

2016: With the support of the English School of Mongolia IWAM was able to support the “Association for Parents with Children with Disabilities” and their work with MNT 1.500.000The Association has become a key actor in the country for the promotion of inclusive approach for youngsters with disabilities.
2016: The main purpose of Amidraliin Hurd NGO in Murun/ Huvsgul is to spread knowledge of good health practices. The new eco-café will teach women how to cook healthy food, offer employment and the chance to sell their products to locals and to tourists. IWAM supported with MNT 2.000.000.
2016: Streams in the Desert supports women who have fallen into the destructive lifestyles of alcohol abuse and prostitution to. In cooperation with Bojangles Grill IWAM provided a platform to sell their handcrafts and raised donations of MNT 300.000.

2015: My Home Kindergarten for underprivileged children of very poor families in a ger district of Erdenet is teaching according to the Montessori system. They built 2 new classrooms and asked IWAM for furniture - USD 1.000.

2015: The National Center Against Violence needs to renovate the kitchen in its victims' shelter house in UB. Up to 20 battered women and their children at a time stay in this refuge. IWAM helped with USD 1.000
2015: " The Special Complex for the Training
Education of Children and Youth" cares for abused, orphaned and abandoned underage children. The Center was able to organize 8 scholarships in Inner Mongolia and asked for suitcases and medical check-up fees for these youngsters. MNT 1.050.000.
2015: Nars Children’s Camp is hosting children from Songinhairhan district who are suffering from domestic abuse and poor nutrition, especially children with disabilities and orphans as identified by the local government, giving them a much needed opportunity to learn, relax in nature, and learn important life skills. IWAM supported with MNT 2.000.000.
2015: Caritas' community-based supportive employment skills training center has been funded with MNT 2.000.000 for its cooking and baking classes to improve the diets of families and to transfer to future employment opportunities.
2015: The organisation "Children and Young People's Protection & Development" takes an active role in tackling the trafficking and selling of girls for sexual purposes. IWAM donated MNT 1.000.000 to give a few more children the chance to join the summer camp and leave their hard lives behind for some time.
2015: The Darkhan Children's Hospital received MNT 1.600.000 for privacy blinds and lockable cabinets for 20 little patients. 
2014: The "Braille & Digital Library of the Blind", already supported since 2008, received MNT 1.000.000 for books, wooden games, 5 CD players with MP3 outlets.
2014: The music and dance group “Steppe Kids” (from City Orphanage/Special Center for Training and Education) was on tour in Germany for 7 weeks. IWAM financed travel equipment and costumes with MNT 1.634.050.
2014: To set up a Child Development Center at School #65 where the students find a comfortable place to rest, do homework, get a snack, etc. MNT  4.137.800 were donated for furniture, books, and equipment.
2014: The organization "Save Infants" got MNT 8.912.300 for a pediatric ventilator system.
2014: The "Vegetable Project" of the Women’s Council of Ulaanbaatar - MNT 6.038.750 were paid for seeds, training materials and tools to enable 50 low income families living in ger districts to grow household vegetables.
2014: The Maternity Hospital #2 in Ulaanbaatar (6,000 deliveries per year) received a fetal heart rate monitor, price: MNT 3.685.000.